Mar 25, 2007

Yoga Pop: Volume 2

Designed to play for the duration of a 75 minute vinyasa yoga class/practice.

(Order is important / Time crops noted)

1. I Saw Drones. Boards of Canada. Geogaddi

2. Ivyhouse. Saint Etienne. Places to Visit

3. This. Brian Eno. Another Day On Earth

4. Lex. Ratatat. Classics

5. Light Pattern. Bonobo. Dial 'M' for Monkey

6. You And Me In Time. Broadcast. Tender Buttons

7. So Easy. Royksopp. Melody AM (3:45)

8. Birds of a Feather. Herbert. Scale

9. Mer du Japon. Air. Pocket Symphony

10. As Serious as Your Life. Four Tet. Rounds

11. Everyone's A V.I.P. To Someone. The Go! Team. Thunder, Lightning, Strike

12. Where. Colder. Again

13. The Valleys. Electrelane. The Power Out

14. Silence and Little Melodies For. Cyann & Ben. Happy Like an Autumn Tree

15. The Light. The Album Leaf. Into The Blue Again

16. Beauties Can Die. M83. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (8:00)

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