Aug 30, 2009

Finance 101 for Art Swap

Me: A cynical, skeptical, and wily twelve year financial world veteran
You: A 2d visual artist seeking basic knowledge about corporate finance and world economics

My downtown Manhattan apartment or quiet public place

Because there are a lot of levers on this strange machine

Topics of discussion might include:
1. Efficient market theory: Are you smarter than the irrational collective?
2. Corporate finance 101: Equity vs. debt financing (stocks vs. bonds)
3. Commodities investing: How Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd cornered the market in Orange Juice futures
4. Demographics in finance: Forecasting tectonic trends in economic growth
5. Short term interest rates: A capitalist's volume dial (currently at 11)
6. Financial adviser/mutual fund fees: Sneaky, straightforward, and otherwise
7. Inflation and "real" yields: Swimming up a really strong current
8. Basic stock analysis: Present value = future expectations
9. The government debt death spiral: Why we might all be screwed
10. The mechanics of the banking system: As complicated as you think

*One thing we will not discuss is how I think YOU should invest your money. The goal of this likely multi-hour discussion is to answer questions and educate, not to advise.

Am I serious?

Please email with your barter proposal

Aug 17, 2009

Ten Favorite Midtown Manhattan Delivery Lunches

My location: High east 40s Manhattan

Meals listed In reverse alphabetical order by restaurant

*Chicken Salad Sandwich: Walnuts, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions, and frisee on multigrain bread
*Mixed Organic Greens and fennel with lemon vinaigrette
*Peanut butter cream'wich

*Lunchbox special with spicy teriyaki chicken, assorted sashimi, and spicy tuna roll
^My vote for best lunch value for quality proposition in Midtown east

Sushi Tei
*Hot vegetable tempura soba
*Green salad
*Chocolate Pocky

*BBQ Plate: Grilled chicken, potatoes, and brown rice in bbq sauce

*Set A: Any 3 rice balls + soup
-Green Tea Salt Shrimp Tempura: Fresh shrimp tempura with green tea sea salt on top of soy sauce flavored rice
-Balsamic Salmon: Smoked salmon with balsamic vinegar, onion, and lemon peel on top of olive rice
-Chili Beef Ball: Deep fried chili ketchup rice ball filled with ground beef

Mambo Italiano Express
*Grilled chicken, mozzarella, and arugula sandwich on round whole wheat rosetti
*Pasta Fasoul soup

*Lava chili beef lunch special with papaya salad

Bread & Olive
*Shish Taouk Sandwich: Chicken cubes marinated in garlic, lemon, olive oil and tomato sauce
*Two mini spinich pies: Chopped spinach leaves, onion, sumac, and lemon
*Fasoulia: Giant Peruvian lima beans marinated in lemon, olive oil, and garlic

Boi to Go
*Chicken Pho: Star anise broth, flat rice noodle, shredded chicken, fresh lime leaf, cilantro, and scallion
*Curred chicken meatball rice bowl with red hot pepper sauce
*Black rice coconut bean pudding

Asia Grill
*Bo Luc Lac: Stir fried teriyaki steak cubes served over tomato, taro chips, and baby greens

Aug 8, 2009

Yoga Pop: Volume 10

Designed to play for the duration of a 75 minute vinyasa practice.

Song. Artist. Album
(Order is important)

1. The Observer. The Flaming Lips. The Soft Bulletin
2. A Mountain of Ice. Helios. Caesura
3. Silver Cruiser. Royksopp. Junior
4. Init One. Ben Klock. One
5. Invocation. Moondog. The Grandfather Paradox
6. You're Nine. Night Control. Death Control
7. Out My Window. Koushik. Out My Window
8. Water/Light/Shifts. Bell Orchestre. As Seen Through Windows
9. UK. Burial. Untrue
10. Rottura. Polmo Polpo. The Science of Breath
11. Borderlands. Tim Hecker. An Imaginary Country
12. Monday - Paracetamol. Ulrich Schnauss. A Strangely Isolated Place
13. Darling. Beach House. Devotion
14. Her Comes the Sky. Crocodiles. Summer of Hate
15. Foreground. Grizzly Bear. Veckatimest
16. Byen Driver. Under Byen. Det Er Mig Der Holder Traerne Sammen