Jun 29, 2008

Popsicle Popularity Contest

Below are real-life search engine queries resulting in visits to Ether Popsicle. My comments are in [brackets].

-how to pronounce ether [how silly!]
-i got some popsicles in the seller [so did i but they all melted]
-promotions campaign for popsicle [?]
-tenjune per bottle price [not as much as it used to be]
-popsicle revel
-popsicle experiment insulation [cotton candy fiberglass]
-frequency of popsicle commercials [not frequent enough]
-lips broach
-quinoa correct pronunciation [good search]
-making popsicle lamps [not as easy as you'd think]
-fla-vor-ice freezer pops vodka [it isn’t wise to fuk with fla-vor-ice in its natural state]
-unifica├žao de fisica 20500 [good search]
-popsicle bottle rockets
-popsicle collection jeans
-ladies of the weather channel [you prob meant to do an image search]
-vintage popsicle ads
-popsicle party [!]
-ether party [!!!]
-karch kiraly pronunciation [those who know how to spell it really shouldn’t be asking]
-marble colored popsicles [yummm]
-tipping protocol for yoga [1000%]
-rocket popsicle shot recipe
-blue ghost popsicle [silver ghost popsicle is more like it]

Jun 24, 2008

Summer To-Do's

1. Become proficient at handball
2. Stop worrying about A/C units falling out of windowsill

3. Invent my new favorite summer cocktail

4. Bath nude at Sandy Hook beach

5. Perform one handstand everyday

6. Cannonball unexpectedly into the Floating Pool barge

7. Relearn how to rock climb (well)

8. Win the magnetic swirly wizard carny game at Coney Island

9. Montreal, Montreal, Montreal

10. Bike the Central Park loop continuously between the hours of 2:22am and 4:44am

11. Ride around on the top level of a red double decker tour bus while listening to "Strange Geometry" by The Clientele

12. ????