Oct 13, 2007

Autumn Two Week Staycation To-Do's

1. Decode the ins-and-outs of all entrances/exits at the Union Square subway station.
2. Ride bike from Manhattan to Astoria to Coney Island to Manhattan.
3. Replace certain drinking glasses with a set from Bodum.
4. Buy a FIRM mattress without getting hoodwinked.
5. Attend a Christie's art auction dressed like a collector.
6. Drink mulled apple cider at least once each day.
7. Attend five concerts, two art benefits, and two Halloween parties.
8. Read the 2 foot stack of magazines that's piled up on my counter.
9. Figure out how to re-brush and re-coat an old steel desk.
10. Ride around the City on the top level of a red double decker tour bus while listening to "Strange Geometry" by The Clientele.
11. Go apple picking upstate with B.C. and L.P.
12. ??????


Joanna Goddard said...

did you do this? i love the christie's one:)

Modestmerlin said...

i hardly completed five of the twelve tasks! it looks like i'll need at least another two weeks to accomplish the rest.