Sep 23, 2008

10 Things I Learned in Montreal

1. Females age 16-26 all have short dark hair, eyebrow length straight bangs, and a cute squishy bottom.
Renting out Segways to navigate your city’s historic ports is a really dumb idea.
Gooseberries, gooseberries, gooseberries.
The “which is tastier” debate between Montreal and New York City bagels is pretty boring.
Montrealers enjoy naming their stores and restaurants with corny puns like Kitsch n’ Swell, Cash and Curry, and Indiana Jeans.
Housing stock in "The Plateau" appears twice as desirable as New York for a quarter of the price.
“The hams and shoulders make all the difference.”
Montrealers don’t let ANY portion of their swine go to waste.
It’s not easy to take a yoga class taught in French when you don’t speak or understand French.
10. They should consider changing their motto from “Je Me Souviens” to “De La Terre Chandail a Capuchon” (Land of the Hoody).


Colby said...

lol at 4.

re: 1 - im so there.

Unknown said...

“The hams and shoulders make all the difference.”

the golden rule for spotting transvestites?

Modestmerlin said...

o -

no, this is the golden rule for figuring out how to eat swine (i wouldn't really know of course).

- mm

Modestmerlin said...

b -

re: #4
i'd be curious to hear where you would stand on the bagel debate given your status as a "true" new yorker.

re: #1
montreal is SO your kinda town.

- mm