Jan 1, 2010

Favorite Music of 2009

*In alphabetical order

Burning Hearts -- Aboa Sleeping
Camera Obscura -- My Maudlin Career
Desire -- II
Grizzly Bear -- Veckatimest
The Kings of Convenience -- Declaration of Dependance
The Leisure Society -- The Sleeper
Phoenix -- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
A Sunny Day in Glasgow -- Ashes Grammar
Washed Out -- Life of Leisure / High Times
The XX -- XX

Other Much Liked Albums
The Antlers, Bell Orchestre, Fanfarlo, James Blackshaw, Jon Hopkins, Junior Boys, Memory Tapes, Neon Indian, The Postmarks, Ramona Falls, Sally Shapiro, Science Fiction Corporation, Tim Hecker, William Basinksi

Album Art
Teeth of Sea -- Orphaned By the Ocean
Afternoon Naps -- Parade
Manic Street Preachers -- Journal for Plague Lovers
Camera Obscura -- My Maudlin Career
Biffy Clyro -- Only Revolutions

Bedtime Album
Ducktails -- Landscapes

The Radio Dept @ The Bell House, 16may09
The Books @ Miller Theater, 09apr09
Camera Obscura @ Mercury Lounge, 25mar09
Johann Johannsson @ LPR, 25jun09
Mew @ MHW, 24aug09


Erik Holmberg said...

Glad to see you didn't drink the Animal Collective kool aid.

Been listening to Tycho for awhile, have to check out his new stuff.

Phoenix and The XX = Solid.

Modestmerlin said...


Ha! Yes. It seems as though our music tastes are slowly converging. Though I'm still a sucker for the swoony melancholy bands.

Erik Holmberg said...

Also, since I know music is such a large part of your life, mine as well, read this guy's blog.

It's been blowing my mind.


Reminds me of Lester Bangs from Almost Famous.

leenabean said...

Do you still take orders?

leenabean said...

ps - I can think of a good swap...possibly a knitted item or cookies.

Modestmerlin said...


And to think, for years I've been giving all of this away for free!