May 27, 2012

10 Things I learned in France

1. Subway doors that open two seconds before the train stops are probably good for city-wide productivity in Paris or anywhere.
2. Clothespins are a valuable commodity in Marseille.
3. Don't taunt or engage les cagoles.
4. Marseille is oddly proud of its insect mascot, the cicada.
5. It's IMPOSSIBLE to make s'mores given the lack of non-butter based cookies/crackers.
6. Never underestimate the importance of aperitif.
7. Don't wear Fred Perry clothing in Paris unless you are a Neo-Nazi skinhead.
8. Arab Americans are unsuspecting Arabic speakers.
9. The only French people who like peanut butter are those who welcomed the Americans following the four year German occupation of WWII.
10.  In the south never anticipate the first kiss in a hello/goodbye sequence to be on the right cheek.  Similarly, the number of kisses varies widely depending on where you are in France.

(11.  If you are thankful for something someone did for you don't just think it, tell them.)

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