Oct 30, 2005

10 Things I Learned in Iceland

1. The shattering of glass is a popular ritual practiced by many angered Icelandic men outside Reykjavik's 3 bars on weekend nights.
2. When accepting dried flavorless aquatic snacks from flea-market merchants who are hairdressers don't get meat from the tough posterior side of the fish.
3. The rules of the kitchen are the same as the the rules of geysirs, if something is steaming it's likely too hot to stick your hand in.
4. If you're hungry on a weekday night eat before midnight unless there is curry flavored ramen on your person.
5. Pizza King is really good pizza!
6. During Iceland's annual woman's day parade it's best as a man not to point to signs and chuckle because the language looks funny.
7. Icelandic beers Viking, Egils, and Thule all secretly come from the exact same pilsner recipe.
8. Elves, trolls and other related creatures are not real.
9. Tonar, one of Iceland's record labels/musik stores/coffee shops enjoys giving strangely informed recommendations of experimental electronica bands that are signed to their record label over complimentary strong coffee. Please note: they are not aware of the band "Boards of Canada."
10. Brennivan (aka Black Death) is a cumin flavored schnapps that costs $70/bottle in town liquor stores but $15 in the airport.

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