Oct 30, 2005

Notable Icelandic Quotes

@ Airport as Kh & MA were about to miss their flight (then not miss, then miss, then not miss...)
"Wanna just go to another country (like Sweden)?"

"I have no integrity"

@ Endless line to see Architecture in Helsinki
"Pass me my viking suit!"
"Have there ever been any deaths associated with crowds at this music festival?"
"No, but there were 2 flying monkeys last year."
-Heavycoat #3

@ Krua Thai Restaurant
"... Yes, it does look like you go to the gym, you are very fit"
"Yes, I am fat, I recently had a baby"
-Restaurant owner very matter of factly
"No no, FIT not FAT!"

@ Endless line to see Zoot Woman, Clap Your Hands, Ratatat, ...

"We're running out of liquid courage."
-M holding empty Stella bottle

Regarding Icelandic tapwater
"They said it's the purest water you can drink."
"Yeah, they said a lot of things."

@ Kaffibarin ~3am
"You're holding all the cards!"
"You're holding all the cards!"
-Anonymous Icelandic hipster
"Stop saying that, what do I do?"

@ Hotel Klopp ~11am
"It's an earring, right?"

@ Geysir ~1pm
"I think those girls are British"
"I'm gonna say something in a British accent, see if they turn around"
"A big boo for Man United!"
"How many photo do you need of this thing!"
-Anonymous frustrated young British girl
"Ok, now let's go and get 8 types of Salmon."

@ Sirkus ~12:42am
"Our only hope now is to walk up, order a drink between the two of them in English, and pray."


Top 5 Bands We are Glad to Have Missed
1. Cynic Guru
2. Hjalmar
3. Dr. Disco Shrimp
4. Ske
5. Dr. Mister and Mr. Handsome

Top 5 Bands We Came to See but Couldn't
1. Architecture in Helsinki
2. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah
3. Zoot Woman
4. Ratatat
5. Jeff Who?

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