Jan 20, 2008

Brunch Wheelbarrows in The Weimar Republic

The scene is reminiscent of media depictions during chaotic months following the Soviet Union's 1991 collapse. Hordes of hungry people waiting in endless lines, clamoring to purchase bread, flour, eggs, milk, and other dietary staples. The only difference is that this isn't post-communist Russia, it's a typical Sunday morning steps outside my New York City apartment.

Surrounded by female clothing boutiques, vintage nic nak shops, and a truly fabulous eyeglass store sits the unmarked 9th Street Market, one of Downtown's elite brunching institutions. Elite in that hungry Manhattanites routinely wait for more than hour to secure seating at one of their 10 coveted tables. The menu boasts a stock array of hearty New American seasonal fare: Banana walnut pancakes, French toast dusted with confectioner's sugar, Goat cheese omelettes, Steel cut Irish oatmeal, etc. I've had the pleasure of dining there on multiple occasions, a few times for weekday breakfast and once for their lesser known dinner offering. The food is undoubtedly good but given the preponderance of quality restaurants in the vicinity it's astonishing to me why anyone would wait an hour and a half for a plate of Migas and roasted potatoes. If you’re considering a peak time Sunday meal here just think how silly you'll feel standing in the freezing cold amongst a restaurant-full size group of uninformed brunchers, clogging the sidewalk, and trying to ignore our incredulous stares. Do yourself a favor and opt for one of these lesser known neighborhood alternatives: Angelina CafĂ©, La Palapa, Quhnia, or Tree.


Colby said...

i think you should write a travel guide. it could be called 'nyc: no time to fuck around.'

hos before bros said...

I had brunch at Little Giant this weekend at 11, right when it opens. Our party of five was seated immediately, and we had the joint to ourselves for most of the meal. Early's the way to go. After eating you can go home and nap. Let everyone else stand in the cold waiting for a table.

Also, I agree with Colby's comment 100%.

leenabean said...

Steel-cut oats!

also, totally agree with Colby.

karen. said...

I've been to Tree! I like it.

Modestmerlin said...

l -

only pretentious brunchers eat steel cut oats over their inferior rolled oat breathren. they are tasty though!

leenabean said...

Pretentious brunchers and Irish peasants.