Feb 24, 2008

Hotel Bathroom Mysteries of Our Generation

I just discovered this weekend that some hotel bathroom mirrors have built-in televisions (that's me watching cartoons while I brushed my teeth). Since when did society demand such technology? The only significant step forward in bathroom engineering I know of are those elliptical shower rods that provide a roomier bathing experience. That and fancier shower heads. Speaking of bathroom curiosities, whatever happened to those weird timed red heating lamp lights classy hotels like The Holiday Inn used to have?

One more thing.

It's funny how corporations can all of sudden become "environmentally responsible" when coincidentally, they save money by doing so. Changing the towels and linens everyday is undoubtedly excessive but I get a bit bothered when hotels take the moral high ground by pointing out this "bottom line benefit" in disguise. I'd be shocked if someone could prove that these environmentally intentioned savings on laundry soap and housekeeping salary hours were translating into anything but higher company profits.


Colby said...

regardless of the motivations behind it, the new hotel bed sheet conservation movement is good for the environment, so dont deride it. i dont care why people start conserving, so long as they do it. papa likes to breathe!

lastly, i too wonder what happened to the red light in the bathrooms. in bathrooms where both light switches looked the same, it was always fun to see which switch would bring the red, and that ghastly fan, and which would simply illuminate the can.

Modestmerlin said...

B -

100% agreed on the bed sheet conservation movement. It's rare when something like that falls out as a win/win result.

ewi said...

The TV thing bothered me a bit when I first saw it. If it is that easy to put a TV there, why not a camera?

Modestmerlin said...

E -

Lol! Actually..wait. That's pretty scary.