Jun 29, 2008

Popsicle Popularity Contest

Below are real-life search engine queries resulting in visits to Ether Popsicle. My comments are in [brackets].

-how to pronounce ether [how silly!]
-i got some popsicles in the seller [so did i but they all melted]
-promotions campaign for popsicle [?]
-tenjune per bottle price [not as much as it used to be]
-popsicle revel
-popsicle experiment insulation [cotton candy fiberglass]
-frequency of popsicle commercials [not frequent enough]
-lips broach
-quinoa correct pronunciation [good search]
-making popsicle lamps [not as easy as you'd think]
-fla-vor-ice freezer pops vodka [it isn’t wise to fuk with fla-vor-ice in its natural state]
-unifica├žao de fisica 20500 [good search]
-popsicle bottle rockets
-popsicle collection jeans
-ladies of the weather channel [you prob meant to do an image search]
-vintage popsicle ads
-popsicle party [!]
-ether party [!!!]
-karch kiraly pronunciation [those who know how to spell it really shouldn’t be asking]
-marble colored popsicles [yummm]
-tipping protocol for yoga [1000%]
-rocket popsicle shot recipe
-blue ghost popsicle [silver ghost popsicle is more like it]

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