Jun 24, 2008

Summer To-Do's

1. Become proficient at handball
2. Stop worrying about A/C units falling out of windowsill

3. Invent my new favorite summer cocktail

4. Bath nude at Sandy Hook beach

5. Perform one handstand everyday

6. Cannonball unexpectedly into the Floating Pool barge

7. Relearn how to rock climb (well)

8. Win the magnetic swirly wizard carny game at Coney Island

9. Montreal, Montreal, Montreal

10. Bike the Central Park loop continuously between the hours of 2:22am and 4:44am

11. Ride around on the top level of a red double decker tour bus while listening to "Strange Geometry" by The Clientele

12. ????


hos before bros said...

Call me crazy (or a stalker), but wasn't #11 on a to-do list for a previous season of yours?

I object to the carryover.

Modestmerlin said...

yes, #11 is unfinished business from my fall staycation to-do list. your objection has been noted and duly ignored.

Colby said...

i am convinced my a/c is gonna fall out of my window and crush one of the little mexican dudes who are the only people who are ever in the ghetto courtyard behind my building.

Modestmerlin said...

b -

lol! ... er ... grimace, furrow, cower.

Anonymous said...

so how did you do with this list?

Modestmerlin said...

a -

3 out of 11. not great, but there is always list carryover into fall!

- mm

Modestmerlin said...

i finally checked off #4. better late than never.