Aug 30, 2009

Finance 101 for Art Swap

Me: A cynical, skeptical, and wily twelve year financial world veteran
You: A 2d visual artist seeking basic knowledge about corporate finance and world economics

My downtown Manhattan apartment or quiet public place

Because there are a lot of levers on this strange machine

Topics of discussion might include:
1. Efficient market theory: Are you smarter than the irrational collective?
2. Corporate finance 101: Equity vs. debt financing (stocks vs. bonds)
3. Commodities investing: How Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd cornered the market in Orange Juice futures
4. Demographics in finance: Forecasting tectonic trends in economic growth
5. Short term interest rates: A capitalist's volume dial (currently at 11)
6. Financial adviser/mutual fund fees: Sneaky, straightforward, and otherwise
7. Inflation and "real" yields: Swimming up a really strong current
8. Basic stock analysis: Present value = future expectations
9. The government debt death spiral: Why we might all be screwed
10. The mechanics of the banking system: As complicated as you think

*One thing we will not discuss is how I think YOU should invest your money. The goal of this likely multi-hour discussion is to answer questions and educate, not to advise.

Am I serious?

Please email with your barter proposal

1 comment:

goblinbox said...

Ah, if only I were a 2d artist.

I could sing you a song. Or shoot 35mm film pictures!