Aug 8, 2009

Yoga Pop: Volume 10

Designed to play for the duration of a 75 minute vinyasa practice.

Song. Artist. Album
(Order is important)

1. The Observer. The Flaming Lips. The Soft Bulletin
2. A Mountain of Ice. Helios. Caesura
3. Silver Cruiser. Royksopp. Junior
4. Init One. Ben Klock. One
5. Invocation. Moondog. The Grandfather Paradox
6. You're Nine. Night Control. Death Control
7. Out My Window. Koushik. Out My Window
8. Water/Light/Shifts. Bell Orchestre. As Seen Through Windows
9. UK. Burial. Untrue
10. Rottura. Polmo Polpo. The Science of Breath
11. Borderlands. Tim Hecker. An Imaginary Country
12. Monday - Paracetamol. Ulrich Schnauss. A Strangely Isolated Place
13. Darling. Beach House. Devotion
14. Her Comes the Sky. Crocodiles. Summer of Hate
15. Foreground. Grizzly Bear. Veckatimest
16. Byen Driver. Under Byen. Det Er Mig Der Holder Traerne Sammen

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